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Western States Police
Canine Association

WSPCA - 1525 Sheldon Drive, Modesto, CA 95350

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Faithful Canine Memorial

The Western States Police Canine Association is a nonprofit organization. The WSPCA is governed by a Board of Directors elected by the membership to serve two year terms.  Our mission is to promote professionalism and safety  for all working police K-9 teams.  We strive to achieve this mission in many ways:
  • By sanctioning police K-9 competitions our organization stresses the importance of control and safe tactics while encountering street-like scenarios.
  • We sponsor K-9 training seminars featuring some of the top K-9 trainers from California, and throughout the world.
  • We provide a forum for K-9 handlers and trainers of varied backgrounds, experience, and philosophies, to exchange ideas.
  • Our newsletter provides training information and discussions of hot topics that are current in the K-9 world.

Membership is open to canine handlers from Law Enforcement, Corrections and Military teams from City, County, State and Federal agencies. Associate memberships are accepted from retired handlers and persons with an interest in the field of law  enforcement canine training

WSPCA sanctioned canine competitions are sponsored by  various agencies in the States of California, Nevada and starting in 2002 Idaho.  Competitions are open to all canine teams from law enforcement agencies.  Competition phases  include Narcotics Detection (optional), Evidence Searching (optional), Obedience, Agility, Search and Protection scenarios.  Awards are given at each competition, and K-9 teams are also awarded points toward the year end rankings.  At the end of competition season, the Association names the Top Ten K-9 teams based upon point accumulation at the individual competitions.

To obtain sanctioning, hosting agencies must comply with all WSPCA Trial Guidelines.  In addition, agencies must contact the Board of Directors and request sanctioning and recognition.  The WSPCA has seen its growth expand into Nevada, Idaho and most recently Oregon.  Hosting agencies and competitors from neighboring states are encouraged to join our organization and compete in sanctioned competitions.


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