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Western States Police
Canine Association


K9 "Rexx"

California Highway Patrol

Born: 4/30/1998
End of Watch: 
Officer Frank Romano

Rexx was born in the town of Putten, Gelderland Province, Netherlands. He was brought to the United States and purchased by the California Highway Patrol on September 6th 2000.  
            Rexx graduated from the Police Service Dog Patrol School on October 13th 2000 and from Narcotics Detection Dog School on November 10th 2000. Rexx was then deployed to the road where throughout his career he has assisted in seizing over $4 million in narcotics and over $1 million in asset forfeiture. Rexx also assisted in apprehending numerous suspects mostly by psychological deterrent or by force. 
            Rexx was considered one of the most courageous and admired canines in the Western Sates Police Canine Association. Admirers, Judges, and other Competitors would love to watch him compete. Agitators were amazed at his speed, strength, and endurance thus frequently awarding Rexx with the Agitators Choice Award.
            Rexx competed in 13 competitions and took home a total of 48 trophies. A few of those high honor trophies included Rexx being named 2002 Western States Police Canine Association Narcotic Detection Dog of the Year (1st Place) and 3rd Place as Patrol Dog of the Year. Rexx also won 3 Gold Medals (Vehicle Narcotics, Building Narcotics, and Search), and 1 Bronze Medal (Overall Narcotics) in the 2002 Police and Fire Games.
            Rexx was much adored in the community especially among local schools at which he performed in countless educational canine demonstrations for all ages. Rexx was extremely social and loved children. He was serious about his job and duty to the public but spending time with individuals in the community was what made him a very unique dog.   He was a true and honest hero that gave his all in everything he did.  He was a faithful servant of the people.
            Rexx was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer that made it impossible for him to work. Rexx retired in the year 2007 and passed away the following March of 2008 due to kidney failure.
Rexx was loved dearly by his family and will always be in our hearts. Rexx will forever be my faithful partner.


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