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Western States Police
Canine Association



Milpitas Police Department

Name: Bullet
           (Digger von der Kraule)
Agency: Milpitas Police
              Department (K9 #24)
Breed: German Shepherd
Place of Birth: Illshofen, Germany
Born: May 25, 1997
Sex: Male
Appointed: November 7, 1998
Retired: August 23, 2005
End of Watch: October 14, 2005
Handler: John Torrez


Bullet served as a cross trained police service dog/narcotic detection dog for the Milpitas PD for nearly 7 years.  Bullet's career and life were cut short due to an unknown neurological condition that affected his spine and hind legs.  Bullet's health deteriorated and on October 14, 2005, I made the decision to have Bullet put sleep at Parktown Veterinary Clinic in Milpitas.  While it was a tough decision to make, it was done because I could no longer watch my best friend suffer.
Bullet and I competed in 35 WSPCA K9 trials from 2001-2004.  During that time we won numerous trophies.  We were known throughout the WSPCA as "Team Bullet."  "Team Bullet" consisted of me, Bullet, and my parents, Isaac and Angie.  My parents were as well known as Bullet throughout the WSPCA as they attended almost every trial we competed in and they won quite a few trial raffle prizes. 
Bullet's WSPCA accomplishments include: 
2003: Idaho Police Canine Association Overall Champion @ Idaho K9 Trial
2003: Ranked #2 WSPCA Patrol Team
2003: Ranked #4 WSPCA Narcotic Team
2004: Ranked #4 WSPCA Patrol Team
2004: Ranked Top Competitor WSPCA
In addition to competing in the WSPCA, we competed in 4 California Police and Fire
Games Canine competitions from 2001-2004.  Bullet and I won numerous medals and
in 2004 we won two gold medals (Overall & Search) and a silver medal (Protection)
at the CPFG in Stockton, CA.
The MPD K9 team helped Team Bullet train for the streets and the competition fields.
 Without their help and support, Team Bullet could not have been as successful as they
were.  The Torrez Family also helped with Bullet's training by rebuilding and funding the
MPD K9 obstacle course so Bullet could practice and by hiding occasionally for an area search.
I will miss Bullet greatly and he will never be forgotten.

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