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Western States Police
Canine Association


K9 "Ewan"

San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department

Born: 08/01/1993
Appointed:  09/12/1995
End of Watch:  07/15/2005
Handler:  Deputy Frank Pence

  Today We had to put down our K9 Ewan, SJS/O Badge Number K8. .11 years 11months old. He could no longer get up due to hip injuries received while working for San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office. He had been beat up, bruised,shot at and abused, he was hard of hearing from all the gun fire and flash bangs and sirens. Hand signals he responded to. He was always a hard charger and fought up to the last. He would not let me carry him but forced himself to walk to the car for his last ride. He passed in my arms with my with my wife, Bonnie, his best friend, standing by. It breaks my heart, In 31 years with the S/O, He was the greatest partner and K9 Officer, a true and loyal friend who never lied nor compromised Officers in any way, Honest to a fault. We spent thousands of hours on Patrol, together, More hours than I spent with my family..Dark, nasty, rainy, real life and death situations hours. Who gets hurt and who goes home at the end of shift. He was always there and has saved my ass several times, and several other officers asses several times. When it was time to send the K9. He always put his life on the line for fellow officers and citizens without hesitation. He is the only dog in the Valley, that I know of,that has worked with all the Federal, State, County and City Agencies.. He has worked from the far North Coast, Bay Area, to Fresno. He was a k9 in demand. Working sometimes 18 hours a day. One of the best, he won several trophies and awards at WSPCA, and at the Police Olympics, and gained the respect he deserved as being a "Top Dog". He has taken off the streets, over $21 million in dope. Seized over $310,000 for Police Agencies. He has made many, many busts, over 3100 finds of dope and several physical apprehensions of the bad guys, armed and hidden. He is helicopter Certified, Patrol Certified and Dope Certified in "5" different Dope scents with not one but, several different Organizations. He is the only dog I know of, that has had a Drug Cartel put a hit contract on him for taking off so much of their dope...over $11,000,000.

  K9 Ewan, You were there when my heart blew up chasing the Bad Guys. I was injured and dying. You never left my side nor failed to protect me or our family."What a guy". 

  Is he great, "YES". He will be guarding the gates of Heaven with his friend, SJSO, K9 Shooter (Chasing the bad guys back to Hell for Eternity). So long my Loyal Friend, you will never be forgotten.

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