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Western States Police
Canine Association


K9 "PJ"

Manteca Police Department

Born:  03/01/1985
Appointed:  03/01/1986
Retired:  02/01/1990
End of Watch:  03/01/1997
Handler:  Officer Les Flores

Titles: W.S.P.C.A.  1989 Top Dog and Top Competitor, 1988 Top Competitor, Silver and Bronze medals California Police Summer Games.
Partner and Friend: Officer Les Flores

"PJ" and Officer Flores were assigned to the Manteca Police Department Canine Unit on  March 1, 1986. "PJ" assumed the duties of a patrol dog on his first birthday.  In his short career as a crime fighter, he had thirty-four arrests. 

"PJ's" first arrest involved an escapee from the San Joaquin County Jail.  After tracking the suspect and located him hiding under a small sports car,   "PJ" crawled under the car and pulled the suspect out by his pants.  The suspect responded to "PJ's" presence by urinating himself and finally gave up to officers.   

"PJ"  had several drug finds to his credit.  Some were in collaboration with the Manteca P.D. narcotic unit and CRACNET to confirm and find several thousand dollars worth of narcotics money.

"PJ's" competition career in W.S.P.C.A. was  very successful.  During his four years of service, "PJ" accumulated 125 trophies.  Among these were the TOP COMPETITOR award in 1988 and TOP DOG and TOP COMPETITOR awards in 1989.  Many old-timer competition handlers fondly referred to him as "Wiley Coyote" because of his coloring and enthusiasm for his work.

"PJ" was retired and placed with a family friend.  He spent his retirement on a ten acre farm where he chased birds and live a life of running and playing all day. 

At the age of ten, "PJ" developed  malignant stomach cancer.  His prognosis was not good so Officer Flores brought him back home.  "PJ" acted as if he had never left and recuperated somewhat.  At night he would take his place next to Officer Flores' bed. 

On  his 12 birthday, "PJ" crossed the rainbow bridge in the arms of his grateful friend and partner. Many fond memories of "PJ" still flood the thoughts of Officer Flores.  Sharing glimpses of his friend for this tribute brought back a flood of memories for Officer Flores which made this task difficult and spawned many tears.  Officer Flores' message to "PJ": "Wait for me my friend."

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