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Western States Police
Canine Association


K9 "Terra"

Manteca Police Department

Born:  10/10/1981
Appointed:  07/1982
Retired:  1992
End of Watch:  07/08/1995
Handler:  Officer Gary Lee

Officer Gary Lee and his K9 Partner "Terra" served the Manteca Police Department.  Terra was originally certified for full street duty in July of 1982.  She was removed from active duty due to an administrative conflict with the Canine Unit.  Terra was re-certified and returned to active duty status in February of 1983.  As a team, Officer Lee and Terra had a large impact on crime.  Terra was responsible for over 40 arrests during her 10 year career.   Terra's tour of duty lasted until 1992, at which time she was retired.  Terra lived her remaining years at home with Officer Lee.

Officer Lee and Terra had a huge impact on the police canine competition circuit.  Officer Lee and Terra competed in numerous police canine competitions.  They received a staggering 376 awards, including the 1984 Police Olympic Gold Medal held in Sacramento, California.  At that time, there were only 5 medals awarded and 82 canines competing.  Terra was also awarded the 1984 W.S.P.C.A. Top Dog Award.  If that was not enough, Terra again won the W.S.P.C.A. top Dog Award in 1987.

Terra was one of the most successful police canines in W.S.P.C.A. history.  Her accomplishments on duty and on the police canine competition circuit have set high standards for other canine teams to aspire to.  Terra can never be replaced but will be fondly remembered.

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