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Western States Police
Canine Association

The following list is the current membership roster for the 2008 trial season.  Upon receipt of your membership application and dues, you will be listed as a current member.

Those handlers wanting to compete for overall year awards must pay their dues before their points will begin to accumulate.   Points will not be counted for trials competed in before receipt of membership dues.  

  Board of Directors

Ron Cloward, Modesto PD
Vice President--
Steve LeCouve, Sacramento SO
Andrea Contreras, Manteca PD
Rob Semillo, San Joaquin SO
Geoff Albert                                        West Sacramento PD
Bryan Albers                                        Stanislaus Sheriff Dept
Brian Amos                                          Sacramento Sheriff Dept
Chris Anaya                                         Madera PD
John Azevedo                                      Sacramento PD
Barry Ballance                                      Stanislaus Sheriff Dept
Rick Bankie                                         Sacramento Sheriff Dept
Bob Barnes                                         Elk Grove PD
Brian Barron                                       Citrus Heights PD
Joel Baugh                                          Sacramento Sheriff Dept
Justin Belus                                         San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
Chris Bertoli                                       Sonoma County Sheriff
Ryan Bierdermann                              San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
Daniel Blake                                       San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
Michael Boyd                                     San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
Dustin Bruley                                      Stanislaus Sheriff Dept
Alexandria Brunner                             San Francisco PD
Roly Canales                                      San Francisco PD
Ian Carver                                          Sacramento Sheriff Dept
Josh Chavez                                       Madera PD
Vince Chunn                                       San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
Lewis Clark                                        Manteca PD
Ron Cloward                                      Modesto PD
Brock Condit                                      Stanislaus Sheriff Dept
Andrea Contreras                               Manteca PD
Chad Courtney                                   Citrus Heights PD
Gary Dahl                                           Sacramento PD
John Davis                                          San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
Dean DeVlugt                                     Atherton PD
Cornelius DeVries                               Sutter Co Sheriff
Gary D’Souza                                     South San Francisco PD
Buck Dikes                                         Anderson PD (ret.)
David Dorn                                         San Francisco Sheriff Dept
Mark Drewry                                      Stanislaus Sheriff Dept
Shawn Edens                                      San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
Carolyn Ellis                                        UC Berkeley PD
Ray Esparza                                        San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
Brent Fainter                                       Modesto PD
Tom Fara                                            Stanislaus Sheriff Dept
Jimmy Farthing                                    Stockton PD
Grant Flory                                         Manteca PD
Todd Fordahl                                      Angels Camp PD
Paul Garcia                                         Manteca PD
Dale Goforth                                       Manteca PD
Donna Goncalves                                Sacramento Sheriff Dept
Dan Grauman                                      Stockton PD
Glenn Graves                                      Modesto PD
Shane Gregory                                    Sacramento Sheriff Dept
Jesse Gutierrez                                    Modesto PD
Joe Hall                                               Palos Verdes Estates PD
Shaun Hampton                                   Sacramento Sheriff Dept
Tom Harper                                        Stockton PD
Robin Harrison                                    Stockton PD
Richard Hartman                                 Chico PD
Fran Hedberg                                     San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
Steve Hinkley                                     Modesto PD
Kyle Hoertsch                                    Sacramento Sheriff Dept
Keith Hoversten                                 Sacramento PD
Bill Hutton                                          Port of Stockton PD
Frank Inacio                                       Modesto PD
Tim Ivey                                             Port of Stockton PD
Anthony Jenkins                                  Sacramento Sheriff Dept
Randy Johnson                                    San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
William Jones                                      Modesto PD
Rick Kemp                                          Sacramento Sheriff Dept
Roger Kinney                                      West Sacramento PD
Kane Kissam                                       Citrus Heights PD
Brian Kleiber                                       Modesto PD
Joseph Leach                                      Folsom PD
Rick LeChuga                                     Port of Stockton PD
Mark Limbird                                      Sacramento Sheriff Dept
Caleb Lind                                          San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
Albert Liwanag                                    Oakland PD
Sal Lombardo                                     Citrus Heights PD
Lloyd MacKinnon                               Stanislaus Sheriff Dept
Josh Magdaleno                                  Elk Grove PD
Marty Mahon                                      South San Francisco PD          
Christopher Martin                              Stockton PD
Linda Matthew                                    Sacramento PD
Patrick Mayer                                     Stockton PD
Dwight Miller                                      Modesto PD
Jeff Moen                                           CDCR
Blake Molyneux                                 South San Francisco PD
William Mueller                                  Manteca PD
James Murphy                                    Modesto PD
Steve Murphy                                     Sacramento Sheriff Dept
James Nance                                      Stockton PD
Brian Nino                                          Galt PD
Robert North                                      San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
John O’Donnell                                   Napa PD
Steve Oliveira                                     Sacramento Sheriff Dept
Brian Olson                                        Woodland PD
Shane O’Neill                                     San Francisco Sheriff Dept
Richard Osborn                                  Sacramento PD
Todd Parsons                                     Modesto PD
Daniel Phillips                                     Modesto PD
Mark Rangel                                       Manteca PD
Frank Reyes                                       Sacramento PD
Chris Rogers                                       Sacramento Sheriff Dept
Felix Roman                                        Modesto PD
Michael Sabino                                   Stockton PD
Terry Schaeffer                                   San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
Brian Schopf                                       Elk Grove PD
Jon Scofield                                        Stockton PD
Rob Semillo                                        San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
Brett Smith                                          Chico PD
Kevin Smith                                        Stockton PD
Kalani Souza                                       Modesto PD
Dave Stallions                                     West Sacramento PD
Jerry Stoffel                                         Galt PD
Timothy Swails                                    Stockton PD
Oscar Tamez                                       San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
Gregg Tawney                                     Elk Grove PD
William Teague                                   Stockton PD
Aaron Thompson                                Sacramento PD
Steven Thomson                                 Sacramento PD
Patrick Torres                                     Galt PD
Mark Ulrich                                        Modesto PD
Randy VanDusen                                Sacramento PD
Nathan Ventioner                                Folsom PD
Donny Vettel                                      Sacramento Sheriff Dept
Steve Walker                                     San Joaquin Sheriff Dept
Terry White                                        Sonoma Sheriff Dept
Rick Wiley                                          Owyhee County Sheriff, Idaho

Mail to
1525 Sheldon Drive
Modesto, CA 95350

E-Mail can be sent to WSPCA@YAHOO.COM

Current Members

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