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Western States Police
Canine Association


At the 2000 Lodi K9 Trial, Mike Oden (Lodi P.D.) was the sole competitor in the Handler Agility Course

K9 "Hutch" tried desperately to teach Mike Oden how to crawl in the tube.

Devin & Sean O'Keefe were gracious enough to serve as decoys at most of the K9 competitions this year.  Your service was greatly appreciated guys.

Grant Flory (Manteca P.D.) with his famous
"I want a Malinois" look.

The Ming puppies Rommel, Talon & Regan.
Hard to believe they are brothers.

Randy Chiek & K9 "Razor"
Manteca Police Department

Bill Biehl was another great decoy who worked many K9 trials this year.

Dave Dominguez & K9 "Gino"
Chico Police Department

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