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Western States Police
Canine Association


One more day in the sun for K9 "Sammy".  There wasn't a dry eye watching.

Duane Meyer & K9 "Tyson" Washoe County Sheriff's Department

Mike Hicks & K9 "Torro" Modesto Police Department

John Virgilio catching yet another dog at a trial.  Thanks John!!!

Ahhh, come on dad, I have the leash.

One Word.     "PROZAC"

Julie McKenzie pretending to be innocent.  Don't you believe it!!!

K9 "Hayko" San Joaquin Sheriff's Dept. cooling off after a long day.

Robert Hart & K9 "Syler"
Modesto Police Department

John Varni & K9 "Mikey"
Concord Police Department

John Fakuda & K9 "Icare"
Oakland Police Department

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