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Western States Police
Canine Association


Pat Callahan, Marty Pigeon and Marty Birch getting ready to judge agility.

Would you want to call off on this crew?

Ron Cloward & "Pele"
Modesto Police Department

Gene Balentine and Carl Nielsen judging obedience.

K9 "Collin"  Cotati P.D.

Alex Brunner & Majk
San Francisco P.D.

Debbie Peacook & "Maximum" Napa Police Department
With Trial Master Dan LaMaster

K9 "Kymber" Richmond P.D.    Now that is a ride!!!

Ken Thompson and "Lux"   Oakland P.D.

Lance Bosshard and "Kezar"
San Francisco P.D.

A group of happy handlers discussing the location of Devon O'Keefe's motorcycle after the protection phase.

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