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Western States Police
Canine Association


Jill Wilkinson & "Hero"
Fremont Police Department

Rick Cox & "Oscar"
Petaluma Police Department

Andy Herrera, Pierre Washington &
Mitch Peixoto Relaxing at Cotati Trial

Pat Callahan trying to justify his judging once again to a captive crowd.  Kidding Pat!!

Randy Chiek & Grant Flory--Manteca P.D.
Kay Howden and Kris Mechals--Eureka P.D.

Jay Brock--Tulare S.O. attempting to beat the heat in the shade.

Oh, the life of a police dog!!!

Is it my turn yet?

Roly Canales--San Francisco P.D. giving a pep talk to "Jazz" or "Jax".  It's hard to tell from here.

Amy Held & "Wolf"  Napa P.D.

Folsom P.D.

Pierre Washington, Jeff Hill and Donna Forman Richmond P.D.

Roly Canales & "Jax" San Francisco P.D.

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