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Western States Police
Canine Association


Can somebody tell Art O'Keefe he's retired.  Who else would catch dogs at 72?

Stephanie Rosenberg & K9 "Sitz" Oakland P.D.

You always wondered what happened in the judges tent.  Now I think we have too much information.

Michon Mills & K9 "Maverick"
Washoe Sheriff's Department

Mark Chapman & K9 "Hawk" Sacramento P.D.

The Viriglio's donating another day to help out at a K9 trial.

Art O'Keefe suckering another pretty girl into helping him out.  Don't tell Mrs. O'Keefe.

"Dad, I want to go play.  Can I! Can I! Can I!

Mark Chinen & K9 "Rambo" Oakland P.D.

Lori McGrath & K9 "Hero Nevada Highway Patrol

Alex Brunner & K9 "Majk" San Francisco P.D.

Since Bill Estes's knee surgery Andy Herrera has had to work hard at keeping him away from the buffet line.

Our favorite little chew toys.

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