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Western States Police
Canine Association

A retired K9 "Omar" has another day of fun at the Modesto Trial.
Some would call this a meeting of the minds! I said SOME!!!
Dan LaMaster & Carl Nielsen judging Jay Brock & K9 "Jacko" during a Narcotics Competition
Lori McGrath & K9 "Hero"
Nevada Highway Patrol
K9 "Maverick" Washoe S.O. looking cool and soaking up the warm sun.
Gene Balentine making sure making sure Carl Nielsen and Pat Callahan won't be seated next to each other in judges tent.

Bret Smith & K9 "Bady"
Chico P.D.
Michael Fitzgerald &
K9 "Boris"  C.H.P.
K9 "Frenchy" taking on Rick Strauss during a courage test.

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