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Western States Police
Canine Association

Meeting Minutes 02/05/2001

Western States Police Canine Association
Meeting Minutes
February 05, 2001

Gene Balentine- President
Mike Ming- Vice President
Andrea Contreras- Secretary
Tony Werner- Treasurer
Scott Blom- Director-at-Large


The minutes from the last meeting were approved by all present.

Old Business:

1. All members still negotiating with various agencies that host non-       
WSPCA sanctioned trials.  It is probable Reno/Nevada will become sanctioned this year. 

2. Stockton PD will be hosting the WSPCA trial this year.

3. The Board of Directors has agreed, per the bylaws, that the Narcotic 
portion of the competitionon specifies only that the competitor need be a full-time working member of a law enforcement agency assigned to the K9 Unit, and not a sworn police officer.
4. The WSPCA website is up and running, as well as the email address and the phone line.

New Business:

1. A copy of the boards first newsletter was gone over and approved by the board.  The newsletter is to be mailed out by 2/15.

2. The board discussed possible changes the current WSPCA trials     
could make in their various competition phases to draw in more of the Southern California competitors

3. WSPCA will also encourage K9 trial host agencies to invite southern   
California personnel to judge our trials.
4. The transfer of the WSPCA treasury account from Gene Balentine to
Tony Werner was approved.  Check signer designees are Gene Balentine, Mike Ming, Andrea Contreras and Tony Werner.  Each check requires two signatures.

5. Tony Werner motioned we place the Police Dog Titles portion of the bylaws to a membership vote, to be repealed.  Motion was seconded by A. Contreras, affirmed by the board.

Meeting adjourned.

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