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Western States Police
Canine Association

Meeting Minutes 11/27/2000

Western States Police Canine Association
Meeting Minutes
November 27, 2000

Gene Balentine -President
Mike Ming -Vice President
Andrea Contreras -Secretary
Tony Werner- Treasurer

New Business:

1.  Website: Decided WSPCA will implement a new website, complete with newsletter, by-laws, trial guidelines, photo gallery, applications, etc. Tony Werner will implement and should be online by February 15, 2001.

  1. Scott Blom, Modesto PD, appointed to WSPCA as director at large (CNCA).
  2. The possibility of having non-sanctioned trials become sanctioned was discussed. All members of the board will be contacting non-sanctioned trial agencies to see if we can work out having them become sanctioned. Gene will contact Visalia, Reno and Petaluma. Mike will contact CHP , Andrea will contact Las Vegas Metro and Tony will contact Newark..
  3. The new board has set up a 24 hour phone line for WSPCA (209) 541-0510. Also set up a WSPCA email address; Messages and email to be checked on a daily basis by Gene (phone) and Andrea (email).
  4. Decided that Mike Ming will be trial liaison for WSPCA.
  5. Attempts to locate bylaw changes for narcotics, (25 for find, 30 for false alert?).
  6. Andrea to take care of newsletter for WSPCA members. Initial letter to announce new Board of Directors, WSPCA website, phone number and email and street address.

Old Business:

  1. Attempt to obtain any old business and information from out-going board members.


 Schedule additional meeting for trial guidelines, bylaws, change WSPCA account from Gene to Tony.

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