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Name_____________________________  (
Circle one)   Handler    Decoy    Administrator
Phone #1____________________________Phone #2_______________________________
Email______________________________K-9 Name_______________________________
K9 Breed__________________K9 Age______Length of Service: Yours_____Dogs______
Interesting tidbits, stories, awards, information about you or your dog that we can share with the public during the competition_____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 
Theme song for you and your dog that will be played when you are introduced at the trial (please include artist and title)____________________________________________________________________

TRIAL ENTRY FEES ( 2002 Idaho Police K-9 Association Members save $5)
Open - Handlers with more than 1 year street experience or three or more competitions, this counting as their 3rd, with the same dog.
Novice - Handlers and dogs with less than 1 year street experience and with 2 trials or less, this trial counting as their 2nd with same dog.
Class A - Retired, Reserve, On-Call & Military. Compete only against other Class A teams.

PATROL AND DETECTION COMBINED ($65 non-members / $60 members)
Patrol Category (circle one)  Open  Novice Class A

Detection Category (circle one) Drug  Explosive

PATROL ONLY (circle one)  Open  Novice Class A
($55 non-members / $50 members)

DETECTION ONLY (circle one)  Drug  Explosive
($45 non-members / $40 members)

TRAINING SEMINAR ENTRY FEES (2002 Idaho Police K-9 Assoc. Members Save $60)

40 for Idaho Police K-9 Association Members / $ 100 for non-members

Total Fees
- Seminar and Trial fees combined. (Includes 1 ticket to awards banquet / dinner with professional stand-up comedy show featuring ex-LAPD officer Kevin Jordan) $10 for each additional banquet/comedy show ticket. Number of extra tickets needed.______
Grand Total (Trial, Seminar, Extra tickets) =___________________________

Return to Joel Teuber
1810 W. State #417
Boise, Idaho 83702

(208) 761-2165

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